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The Proposed Cannabis Act 2018

Criminal Records Medical Marijuana
Allard v. Canada
Mandatory Minimums
Medical Marijuana
Allard v. Canada
  1. Manson J Injunctive Order March 12, 2014 - MMAR Patient and Designated producers valid September 30,2013 with ATP's valid March 21,2014 can continue pending trial;
  2. FCA Appeal and Cross appeal - Government appeal dismissed, and Patients appeal allowed and sent back to Manson J;
  3. Manson J. further Order - initial order reaffirmed;
  4. Phelan J. Motion to Vary injunction July 15,2015 - dismissed as premature;
  5. Phelan J. Final Decision - Prohibiting medically approved patients from being able to produce for themselves or have a designated grower do so for them restricted "reasonable access" violating patients section 7 Charter rights and the MMPR was declared unconstitutional, but the declaration suspended for 6 months to enable the government to make the appropriate regulatory changes the injunction under 1 above is continued pending further order of the court;

R v. Smith - Restriction to dried marijuana in MMAR unconstitutional - patients can produce and possess in any of its forms;

Attorney General of Canada v. Sfetkopoulos et al, Reasons for Judgment of the Court, Federal Court of Appeal (27/10/08)

Renee Boje Archive, including:

R. v. Dunsdon (Watermelon) Provincial Court Reasons: R. v. Smith and Budda, Provincial Court Reasons (07/09/04)

R. v. Hornby Decisions: See the R. v. Caine Archive, including the Supreme Court of Canada Decisions (23/12/03) in: Supervised Injection Site

PHS Community Services Society v. Attorney General of Canada; Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users (VANDU) v. Attorney General of Canada and Minister of Health for Canada: International Prisoner Transfers

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